How to Get Developer Options on Android

There’s a hidden set of developer options on Android devices that you can access if you know how. Whether you want to enable USB debugging, unlock your bootloader so you can root your Android phone, or change the animation draw speed to give your phone a slicker feel, this is where you can do it and a lot more besides. Whatever your reason for wanting to access the hidden options you have to unlock them first. Read through the simple guide below to learn how to get developer options on Android.

By default, the developer options in Android phones are hidden. This is because they’re designed for use by developers who want to test different things and make changes that may impact the phone’s performance. It’s not smart to go tinkering with the developer options without a specific purpose in mind and an understanding of what each option refers to. You have been warned.

How to enable developer options in Android

You can unlock the Developer options on any Android smartphone or tablet by locating the Build number in your Settings menu and tapping it multiple times. However, the exact location of the aforementioned build number may differ depending on your phone’s manufacturer.

  1. If using stock Android, go to Settings > About phone > Build number. On a Samsung Galaxy device, go to Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number. On an HTC device, go to Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number. On an LG device, go to Settings > About phone > Software info > Build number.
  2. Tap Build number seven times. After the first few taps, you should see the steps counting down until you unlock the developer options. Once activated, you will see a message that reads, “You are now a developer!”
  3. Go back to Settings, where you’ll now find a Developer options entry at the very bottom of the menu.

How to disable developer options in Android

If you decide that you no longer want the Developer options to be accessible in your Settings menu, then it’s relatively easy to get rid of them.

  • Go to Settings > Developer options and toggle them off.

That’s it! The Developer options entry will be removed from your Settings menu, but you can always get it back by following the steps outlined above.

The developer options in Android allow you to carry out a lot of different actions, but they’re really designed for developers to debug their apps and tweak different system behaviors. Because of this, we advise against tweaking any settings without first understanding what they do. Check out the official Android Developer website for a full breakdown of the various options. It’s also worth noting that the developer options you gain access to will vary slightly from device to device.

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